The DJO Global story has many beginnings, but from each starting point similar tales are revealed:
histories of passionate entrepreneurs with a great vision who, together with their teams and with innovative products, transformed their small start-up companies into worldwide renowned companies.


When each of these remarkable stories came together, the heart and soul of DJO Global was combined into one unifying mission: to help people maintain and regain the joy of natural mobility. Yet even today, those entrepreneurial characteristics such as responsiveness, a sense of urgency and passion for our products remain within our genes. This coupled with lean business processes and efficiency forms what we call ‘the DJO way’.


Today, with an unparalleled collection of world-leading brands and an unrivalled passion for
improvement and innovation, we have earned the respect of healthcare professionals, patients
and other users alike. From our roots in orthopedics, pain prevention and rehabilitation products for professional athletes, DJO Global has evolved to become one of the largest orthopedic rehabilitation providers in the world. We believe that our powerful brands, comprehensive range of products, extensive distribution network and unwavering focus on quality, innovation and customer service have all contributed to our leading market position.


However, we believe our strong relationships with the people we serve and eagerness for open dialogue is where the magic truly begins. Our people, healthcare professionals and end users constantly share and combine insights that deliver quality products to patients that relieve pain, offer comfort, restore motion and enhance the quality of life of people from all ages and walks of life, all over the world.

DJO’s product ranges are currently sold in over 56 countries through wholly-owned subsidiaries or independent distributors, primarily in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan.


Together with the hardworking teams behind our brands, we would like to welcome you to an overview of one of the most comprehensive medical device product ranges in the world today. Step forward and discover the world of DJO Global!